A downloadable mod

Nuclear Throne Chaos Fusion is a work-in-progress adaptation of Nuclear Throne Chaos Mod for Nuclear Throne Together. Currently very early in development.

To keep up with progress, join the project's Discord server.

Beta 0.666:

  • It's a spooky update. The mod is now 60fps compatible... probably. I didn't test everything very thoroughly. Please tell me via Discord if you find any weapons behaving differently in 60fps. Oh, and this also means you need the latest version of Nuclear Throne Together for the mod to work at all, even if you're just playing in 30fps.
  • New weapon: Flame Chain. Probably not that good.
  • Changed Proton Cannon a bit.

Beta 0.62:

  • Re-added Proton weapons with new sounds and some tweaks.
  • New weapon: Bonsai.
  • When targeting a wall with Guardian's active, the portal now tries to place itself behind the wall to make him feel a bit more dynamic to play. Feel free to tell me if it actually sucks.

Beta 0.61:

  • Properly finished the Static weapons (names and sprites) because I forgot to last time. Sorry. They're still a bit wonky though.
  • New weapons: Gauntlets, Tree Shotgun, Storm Dragon.

Beta 0.6:

  • It's been like a year and I didn't really keep track of the stuff I added. Added Chaos vans and a bunch of new weapons and maybe some other things, I don't know. Sorry. Please complain in the Discord server if anything sucks.

Beta 0.5.1:

  • Guardian's portals now glow in dark levels.
  • Zapper type shots can now go outside of the Throne II level.
  • New weapons: Ultra Slugger, Mini Shotgun, Dynamite Launcher, and the Super Drone Launcher and Ultra Drone Launcher so help me god

Beta 0.5:

  • Guardian is here. And this time, he can shoot through portals. Still needs some additional menu sprites and artwork, but thanks to Rhy for the A-skin portrait.
  • Also, Guardian now has a B-skin that colors him to your outline color! Made specifically with multiplayer in mind.
  • Justice rocket weapons have been re-added.
  • Impact melee weapons function slightly different.
  • Gamma Guts is now removed during stealth mode as Assassin. (this probably messes up some things with multiple assassins in multiplayer)
  • No longer take contact damage in stealth mode with Assassin Ultra C.

Install instructions

Requires Nuclear Throne Together.

Put the 'chaos' folder in the 'mods' folder in your Nuclear Throne installation directory. To load the mod in NTT, type /load chaos in the menu.


chaos_beta0.666.zip 523 kB