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Nuclear Throne Chaos Fusion is a work-in-progress adaptation of Nuclear Throne Chaos Mod for Nuclear Throne Together. Currently very early in development.

To keep up with progress, join the project's Discord server.

Beta 0.6:

  • It's been like a year and I didn't really keep track of the stuff I added. Added Chaos vans and a bunch of new weapons and maybe some other things, I don't know. Sorry. Please complain in the Discord server if anything sucks.

Beta 0.5.1:

  • Guardian's portals now glow in dark levels.
  • Zapper type shots can now go outside of the Throne II level.
  • New weapons: Ultra Slugger, Mini Shotgun, Dynamite Launcher, and the Super Drone Launcher and Ultra Drone Launcher so help me god

Beta 0.5:

  • Guardian is here. And this time, he can shoot through portals. Still needs some additional menu sprites and artwork, but thanks to Rhy for the A-skin portrait.
  • Also, Guardian now has a B-skin that colors him to your outline color! Made specifically with multiplayer in mind.
  • Justice rocket weapons have been re-added.
  • Impact melee weapons function slightly different.
  • Gamma Guts is now removed during stealth mode as Assassin. (this probably messes up some things with multiple assassins in multiplayer)
  • No longer take contact damage in stealth mode with Assassin Ultra C.

Beta 0.4.2:

  • Another small patch with fixes.
  • Assassin's ninja log is now the proper team for real.
  • Ninja log now spawns slightly in front of you (towards the cursor)
  • Wall vans no longer appear in areas where they shouldn't.
  • Big Bandit and Snowbots no longer charge Assassin when he's stealthy.
  • Throwing Knife now deals damage more reliably
  • Throwing Knife pickups now sparkle when playing Assassin.

Beta 0.4.1:

  • Hotfix for 0.4
  • Assassin now gets pulled out of stealth by portals.
  • Assassin should no longer get physically stuck in 0-1. (kind of a bandaid fix that turns off stealth mechanics completely on 0-1, tell me if you run into any issues)
  • Pipe now has a loadout screen sprite by peas.
  • Assassin now has a knife counter in the HUD.

Beta 0.4:

  • Assassin is here! He works pretty weird internally, so please report any issues you run into with him. Sprites by peas, portrait by rhy (thanks gang)
  • IDPD freaks have been changed to the way they were in chaos mod.
  • Wall vans.
  • Recycle Gland now includes a damage buff.
  • Re-added weapons: Super assault rifle, ipecac weapons, throwing knife, hyper shotgun, crystal bullet weapons, placebo gun, impact melee weapons, pipe.
  • All new weapons: FAST ipecac launcher and Long Revolver.
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StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
Tagsntt, ntt-mod, ntt-weapon

Install instructions

Requires Nuclear Throne Together.

Put the 'chaos' folder in the 'mods' folder in your Nuclear Throne installation directory. To load the mod in NTT, type /load chaos in the menu.


chaos_beta0.6.zip 395 kB